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Vacation time, Jacque Williams and the Mets.

POSTED July 03, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: It’s that time of the year. Time for a little fun in the sun, a little R and R, a little down time.

Across this great land, folks will be taking a break from the hard running, fast moving pace that we inevitably keep (even if we swear we are going to slow down someday) for most of the year.

For the Gaffney family, a little trip to the West Coast in on the coming-too-fast horizon next weekend (July 11) and I’m guessing at some point, I should probably find a suitcase and try not to make it weigh over 50-pounds before I board the plane Saturday afternoon.

That 50-pound rule (like the 50-point rule in high school football) seems to get me every time I fly.

When we attended the Women’s Final Four back in April, after stuffing the suitcase with more cloths than eight people could have worn, I was staring at a $75.00 dollar charge because said bag came in at a robust 55 pounds.

Come on, Southwest, I swear I thought it was under! What’s five pounds amongst friends?

Well, I guess we’re not chums and at 5:15 a.m., there we were, trying to remove five pounds without carrying on more than went underneath.

That morning we did it but don’t you know on the way back from Tampa a week later, the same thing occurred after we thought we had weighed the sucker out correctly before heading out!

This time, there were multiple casualties from the bag. I hope someone enjoyed the beach sandals and Michael Jordan cologne because they did not make the cut and found a trash bin.

Any who, four members of the East Coast family are heading out to meet two members of the West Coast family and we are all staying in a town named Temecula, about an hour north-east of San Diego.

My daughter Jaimie and her husband Bill will be the first to arrive at a magnificent looking house we will all be hanging out in for the week.

Myself, my wife Deb, daughter Jillian and granddaughter Skyy (10) will be heading out of Bradley International late in the afternoon, arriving in Las Vegas some thousand hours later (just feels like it) before taking back off again for the short jaunt down to San Diego.

In Temecula, there is a large pool with a hot tub that will be the center point for a good deal of the trip along with trips to the beach, bike riding and anything else we can think of.

This past week, for the first time in more than two years, I hit the track at Torrington High School and did a mile on the still tremendous looking new facility we followed while it was being built.

Kind of feel a sort of kinship with the new place, after spending a lot of time climbing over dirt piles with a lousy left knee a year ago.

So it felt good to be using the track and more importantly, jogging on it as well.

Didn’t go crazy or anything, just a little jogging down the stretches until one of both knees reminded me that if I got hurt on said track, I would be left at home to mind the dog and cat while the family baked in the California sunshine.

Priorities, people.

….Had a great meeting with the one and only Jacque Williams today at Tony’s Coffee Express, the official meeting place of LCS and don’t be surprised if you see the dynamic Williams join the team as we work together to build both his brand (JJ Williams Entertainment and the Singer Songwriters Network) and the brand that is Litchfield County

Williams proceeded us during our time at WAPJ radio where he hosts his high energy “Feel Good Show” to this day.

His efforts at promoting the Arts and Music scene in Torrington and pointing out what’s good about the City of Torrington may just make him a pretty special match for us as well.

Stay tuned for more information.

….Alright, things really can’t get any worse for the New York Mets, can they?

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