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Watertown High School Senior Spotlight. Cameron DeFeo.

POSTED June 25, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

How many sports do you play: Two sports, baseball and basketball

How long have you been playing each: I’ve been playing both since I was about 5 years old.

Do you have a favorite: If I had to choose, baseball is my favorite sport.

Sticking with baseball, talk about this year’s team: The foundation of our team this year is built around our 12 seniors. With all of our returning seniors we have a lot of experienced players playing many of the positions, which puts us in a great place to win a lot of games. The team came together early this year and took a spring training trip down to St. Petersburg, Florida, which was arranged by myself and two other seniors. While in St. Pete we played games and had practices to prepare for the upcoming season. This trip greatly benefited us because we were really able to bond and become closer as a team. We are expecting big things this year and are looking to make a lot of noise in the NVL and State Tournaments.

Has second base been your main position and do you play other: Second base is my main position, but I also can play shortstop. I will be working to play either/or in college.

Tell me about some of your favorite moments on the diamond: One of my best moments on the diamond would have to be last year when we played in the state semifinals at Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford. It was a great experience for both my team and I to play at such an amazing venue. Growing up as a kid, I could only dream about playing in such a place. More recently though, another great moment came when we played Wolcott earlier this spring. Down 10-6 in the bottom of the fifth I hit a three-run home run over the center field fence at Deland Field to put us within one. Fast forward to the bottom of the seventh and senior Dan Graziano, a best friend of mine, walked us off with a two-run home run. My team’s reaction was crazy, we went wild. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and have never felt like that on the diamond before. Being able to top our rival Wolcott only added to the moment.

How about a treasured moment on the basketball court: My favorite memory overall from the basketball season was our Coaches vs Cancer game. Prior to the game, Coach Vance had ordered all of us gold laces to wear on our shoes. I also got to say a speech before the game about cancer in front of a home-packed crowd. To me this was a special moment because people close to me have dealt with the horrible disease and I know the toll it can take on people. Another favorite memory I have is from early in the season when we played Bristol Easter. Down the stretch I was able to hit three, 3-pointers late in the game to help propel our team to its first win of the season. It was great to be part of my team’s rally and eventual come from behind win.

What awards have you won for the sports you play: This year for basketball I was named Captain and at the end of the year I was given the Coach’s Award, which is awarded to a player who demonstrates constant leadership skills on the court. For baseball in my junior year I was named to the All-Iron team. This year I was also named Captain as well. Very recently I was awarded a scholarship from the Watertown Circle of Sports for demonstrating leadership and being a scholar athlete in the community. I was also awarded a scholarship on behalf of the CO Sports Academy, which recognizes area student athletes for their outstanding achievements throughout their sports’ seasons and academic year.

Future plans: This fall I will be attending American International College and will be majoring in nursing. I also will be playing Division II Baseball there. Once I receive my nursing degree I want to further my education and get my Master’s in Forensic Nursing. With this educational background I hope to get a job as a Forensic Nurse in the FBI, or something closely related.

Who would you say is your biggest influence in live: I would have to say that both my parents are my biggest influence, there’s no way I could choose just one. Since I was small my mom has always taught me that hard work in the classroom always comes first. She has always pushed me to be the best I can be. On the other hand, I have my dad to thank for teaching me both basketball and baseball. He also taught me how to weight lift and the importance of it. I don’t know where I would be without him working with me during countless hours in the cages and in the gym. One day he told me something that I will never forget. He said that there’s always someone else out there trying to work just as hard as your working. You have to realize that there are other people on the same path that you are, and because of this you have to work even harder.

What makes being a Watertown Indian so special: Being a Watertown Indian to me means being a part of a family. Every day I go out on the field or the court I know that I’m going out there with my brothers. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for any of my teammates. Through sports at Watertown High I have made friends that I know will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for all my teammates and coaches that have helped me get to where I am today.

Head baseball coach Jerry Valentino

Cameron and his family were born and raised in Watertown, Connecticut and are great members of the community. Cameron is a leader on and off the field. He is an excellent teammate and always encourages others.  He has played a pivotal role on his baseball team and is a great leader and captain of the team.  Cameron is an unselfish athlete and leads by example in every aspect of his life.  He challenges himself on and off the field, excelling in all classes and pursuing a career in the medical field. Family is extremely important to Cameron and takes his role as big brother very seriously and is a great role model for his siblings.  It has been a pleasure to coach Cameron and see him develop as an athlete and a person.  Cameron’s hard work and dedication will bring him very far in life.

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