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Weist, UConn stay positive despite 0-6 record...

POSTED October 23, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

STORRS: UConn interim head coach TJ Weist is in an impossible position as his 0-6 Huskies prepare to take on their second ranked team this year in UCF on Saturday at noon in Florida.

This is a job he truly wanted when he replaced former head coach Paul Pasqualoni after four games earlier this season.

On Tuesday at his weekly meeting with the media, Weist, who is truly refreshing in his honesty, spoke of how this effects not just him but his family along with his coaches and their families.

“We are coaching to keep our careers going,” Weist said, “Our future depends upon a group of 18-23 year olds and how they perform on the field. We coaches understand that and will coach anywhere but it’s hard on our wife’s and families.”

Uprooting kids from schools, wife’s from jobs and the like are all big issues for any coach who is not under a long term contract.

Make no mistake, Weist wants to stay in the position but understands that it will take winning to do so.

Athletic Director Warde Manual made it clear when he introduced Weist on October 7th what it would take for him to keep the job.

“Just win,” Manual said, “I’ll determine how many wins down the lines but that’s the bottom line.”

“We are very motivated to stay here,” Weist said, “But it’s our job to make sure the best and most talented players on our team show great effort and make plays.”

From what you hear from the players, Weist and his staff are brutally honest with the players while continuing to encourage them and catch them doing something right.

“Coach doesn’t beat around the bush with us,” quarterback Tim Boyle said, “He has high expectations for us and does a great job of keeping us motivated and focused.”

Most players who come to Division I schools have had their fair share of success before entering college.

Boyle won three straight Class LL State Championships in his last three years at Xavier and hasn’t faced a situation like this before, especially on this stage but seems to be holding up well under the scrutiny.

“My love for the game of football keeps me going,” Boyle said, “It sucks being 0-6 but I love going out and playing football anytime.”

There are no more easy questions for the Huskie players or coaches, there are only so many ways to say “How does it feel to be 0-6 and how can you get a win?”

Nobody is more frustrated than the coaches and players at this point, getting that first win will remove a mountain size weight off the shoulders of the entire program.

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