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What is next for Ryan Gomes?

POSTED January 07, 2014
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

For several days, the Celtics and Grizzlies were rumored to be on the brink of completing a trade including Courtney Lee and Jerryd Bayless.

The deal, at the last second, included one minor addition as Oklahoma City joined the trade and agreed to send Waterbury’s Ryan Gomes to Boston as part of the package.

Unfortunately for him, Gomes is expected to be waived by the Celtics to clear salary cap space.

The business of sports can, at often times, be ugly and unforgiving.

Gomes, a former Wilby star, is well aware of this.

After one year out of the NBA, he returned to the league this season on a one-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, he saw only limited action in five games.

For players in his salary position, the threat of a trade is always possibility thanks to the way the NBA collective bargaining agreement is set up. Gomes, who has played for four teams in eight seasons, is no stranger to this as he was included the mega Kevin Garnett to Boston deal back in 2007.

As for Gomes’ career, it may be in limbo at this point. Thirty-one-year-old small forwards who have only played in five games over the last two years are not exactly a wanted commodity in the league.

If this is it, he should be nothing but proud. To make it from Waterbury to the NBA, and to have a successful professional career, is far from an everyday occurrence.

Gomes has always been a class act and never turned his back on his hometown. He is always around and his charity work in the area continues to grow. Just prior to Christmas, on a day off while the Thunder were in the area to play the Knicks, Gomes came back to town and took in the Sacred Heart and Crosby game.

Whatever happens next, Gomes has made Waterbury and the NVL community proud. Hopefully, he’ll receive at least one more shot at the NBA.

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