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Who says summer is slow? Ramblings from the desk of Mr. Gaff. Part One.

POSTED July 28, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Despite the rain, it was a great time at the "Scooper Sunday" event at New Britain Stadium. John Holt and Tim Gaffney certainly like the sample. Frankie Graziano did a great job as well!!!

Torrington: Where to start?

Man, it’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks here at the Litchfield County Sports desk with no end in sight!

Who says summer is a slow time. Hard thing is finding time to sit down and chronicle it all so here comes an update. I’ll start in the future, come back to the present and go back in time later.

….Tonight marks another landmark for our LCS Applebee’s program. With considerable help (okay, it’s all him) help from the great John Bongiorno, the show will be seen on at least one of the many televisions in the bar area at our favorite local place.

This program has gone from a one speaker private conversation in the corner to a large scale production that is recorded and now makes its way onto the tube.

Another tremendous show on tap for tonight as well as we discuss why perfectly sane people would decide to repel down the outside of a 34-story glass building instead of using the really nice elevators or stairs.

Special Olympics of Connecticut is coming up to the Big Show on Monday night to talk about the great work they are doing and have done since Eunice Kennedy Shriver started the beloved organization in 1968.

The topic of discussion tonight will be an event call “Over the Edge” which will take place on Friday, September 5 at Mohegan Sun.

You’ve seen the building, it’s all over television. It’s big, it’s glass and up to 80 folks will be repelling down ropes to raise money for SOCT.

34 stories off a perfectly good building.

We will be reporting live from the scene that day, even though there is significant pressure to see yours truly on one of those ropes.

I can pretty much guarantee you that you will not be seeing that on September 5. Bad knee or not.

It’s going to be enough fun just hanging out on top of the big blue building.

Should be a fun show tonight though.

Frankie Graziano will be joining us on the program as well.

…...Going backwards to review a pretty terrific weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday taking in three baseball games in 28 hours, traveling from Leominster, Mass to New Britain CT.

On Saturday my wife Deb and granddaughter Skyy took off to see the Torrington Titans play a double header against the Wachusetts Dirt Dawgs.

Skyy has become a pretty good softball player in her own right and likes to take in games, especially when our former house guest, Anthony Capuano is playing.

It’s not a short ride up the Mass Pike but we have taken longer baseball journeys so it was time to get the little one used to these adventures.

Once at the park, we settled in with a very small crowd to take in a pair of seven inning games and watch Skyy go on a foul ball seeking venture that would have made John Nestor and his kids proud.

Lefties where her friend on this day, that and a small crowd with boys she could out run and outsmart for the balls that launched into the brush behind the leftfield home dugout.

Skyy would grab three within the first four innings of game one, she would get one more flipped over the fence by Titan, Willy Yahn late in the second.

At these games, if a fan trades a ball in, you can usually get candy or gum or something they don’t need but with the Dirt Dawgs, you filled out an entry that made you eligible for either an autographed ball or a bobble head doll.

Skyy took a shot and of course, heard her name called during the sixth inning of game one. She opted for the ball but thought it was the Titans graphs but it worked anyway. She went out with four balls. Not a bad haul.

After getting back late on Saturday night, some much needed Z’s led up to a 10:30 a.m. breakfast with Capuano at the Nutmeg Grille in Torrington where you can never go wrong.

It has been documented how polite and good a young man “Cappy” has been while he has been in Torrington and catching up with him is always a pleasure.

Mother Nature was not in a kind mood on Sunday (see Tornado at Wolcott High School) and the downpours where numerous on the way to our third game, this time at New Britain Stadium, home of the Rock Cats.

It was “Scooper Sunday” before and during the Cats game with Portland (an 8-5 loss) and our good friend John Holt was helping raise money for Suicide Awareness programs around the area and for a mere $6.00 one could eat all the ice cream you wanted from noon until 4 p.m.

Enough said, we were in. The rain pounded down on the crowded tent but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the people inside who sampled ice cream or Italian ice from a variety of vendors.

I can’t even remember what I had some magnificent ice cream with donut chunks inside was followed by some cinnamon breakfast ice cream. All I know was that it was good.

As was the company. Our good friend Frankie Graziano was working the crowd and sampling as much as he could while handing out Rock Cats tickets with a correct trivia answer.

The game was delayed about 75 minutes as the grounds crew waited out the rain and then got busy preparing the field while Skyy waited for the play area to open.

When it did, most kids where still inside, allowing this energetic nine year old to own a two-sided slide, a bouncy house and a target practice glove.

When the rain stopped and the sun came out, the heat and humidity started to hit pretty hard and after about an hour we headed back inside to catch some of the game.

Special thanks to our friend Dan Lovallo for the great seats three rows from the field near the Cats dugout, a great view!

Alright, that’s it for the first part of this week plus summary. Stop back on Tuesday for more details on a Main Street Marketplace appearance and more!   

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