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Wilson, Tiscia and Gaffney back together on Cable 5 taping with Gadomski and Campbell. A terrific show that airs October 8.

POSTED September 29, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Man that was one fun show.

The original trio, the founding fathers of LCS, Gaffney, Wilson and Tiscia were back together on Monday night, taping an hour long segment of our Cable 5 Show.

For nearly six years, the three of us filled the airwaves at WAPJ in Torrington talking local sports with every conceivable guest from the sports world and beyond.

It had been a good long time though, since the three of us appeared together and it was like we never left.

Mr. Tiscia, now the proud papa to adorable Ellie, has seen what little time he had reduced even more but for the absolute best reason. It was time to raise a family, something I have been long done with and Mr. Wilson is quickly approaching as young Jonathan is racing through high school as we speak.

So when the stars aligned correctly for the taping of our show on Monday night, it was a given that the show would be epic.

The three of us work so well because each brings a different perspective, each has a different grasp on technology and each a love for what we do, telling stories about people and the games they play.

Add to that dynamite mix two stellar guests in Tri-State legend Ed Gadomski and ESPN Boxing guru Brian Campbell and bam, that’s an entertaining show.

We ran through an hour like we had just sat down and in honor of Mr. Tiscia brought back one of our favorite segments; pick a subject from the bowl.

Random, mostly ridiculous questions lead to very entertaining rounds of opinions with a lot of laughter.

Tune in to Optimum Cable 5 on Thursday, October 8 to see us in action. You won’t be disappointed.

This Thursday, October 1, our taped show staring Raiders head Coach Gaitan Rodriguez and Warriors head coach Rich Romanchick will air from 8-8:30 p.m. on Cable 5.

….Have to say it did take me a day or two to let it sink in that the New York Mets had actually won the National League Eastern Division title on Saturday evening.

Forgot how good it feels to watch your team celebrate. As a reporter, I find myself staying impartial even with my own teams when I watch, habit I guess.

Happy for the legions of Mets fans who can finally hold their heads up high for hopefully a few years with the young stud pitchers they have at their disposal.

Don’t have huge expectations for the post season, just happy to be there which I know is the worst approach possible but low expectations can sometimes lead to high forms of happiness!

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