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With apologies to Patrick Higgins, a NY Mets rant.

POSTED May 08, 2017
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: My good friend Patrick Higgins from WAPJ radio asks me, almost on a weekly basis, to comment on his show about the sad state of affairs of the New York Mets and each week, there is something new to talk about.

The Mets are great fodder for talk show hosts and sports writers alike because there always seems to be something going seriously wrong and most times it doesn’t have anything to do with what has gone on during actual games.

For a team that is in the biggest market in the country, they a lot of the times act like a Major-League version of the Bad News Bears.

Now, I loved that movie, the old one with the great Walter Matthau that followed the exploits of a washed-up drunk who was forced to work with a bunch of misfits who didn’t seemed to have much interest in playing baseball.

Great movie but it’s not supposed to be real life, not with players who make millions of dollars on the biggest stage out there.

Every week, I assure Patrick that it’s early in the year and I don’t pay much attention to what happens in April and early May which is the truth.

Injuries are part of the game and all teams have them.

Heck, the Mets lost most of their stars a year ago and still won one of the Wild Card spots in the National League despite all the medical woes.

After this weekend’s comedy though, I must let off some steam and I apologize to my friend Patrick for not doing on his fine, Friday Morning Sports talk show from 10-11 a.m. on WAPJ.

Jeez, where to start?

Should it be with today’s development with the former Dark Knight, Matt Harvey who was suspended for three games for violating team rules?

Or should we go to the Noah Syndergaard fiasco?

To MRI or not to MRI, that should not be a question the employee gets to answer, as “Thor” did last week before now being out until potentially forever (lack of trust in all things Mets medical there, sorry) or at least until July.

The Washington Nationals might be 50 games up on the New Yorkers by then and the only thing keeping theme from the basement is a terrible NL East that has them in second with a 14-15 action starting play on Sunday.

Sunday was supposed to be Harvey Day with a chance to sweep the Miami Marlins but no, the Mets were forced to use a guy named Adam Wilk who gave up a three-run bomb to Marlins star, Giancarlo Stanton in the top of the first, a ball that may still be going somewhere.

I have never really been a Harvey fan.

A guy who seems to like the spotlight but has too often faded under it like an old newspaper, left out in the sun for too long.

The whole, Dark Knight ting. I know the fans and media helped stoke the flames of the eventual joke but here is a guy who is total opposite of a guy who lived in the spotlight across town for the Yankees and did it right.

Derek Jeter got the fame but wasn’t consumed by it, as Harvey seems to have been over his first couple of seasons in the city that never sleeps.

There was the innings limit nonsense that tarnished his image and of course, talking Terry Collins into leaving him in during 2015 World Series against the Kansas City Royals, a move that backfired.

If you are going to put the super hero mask on, you can’t take it off at the exact time that you are supposed to rescue the fair madden in destress, as Harvey has far too many times.

As I write this Stanton has hit his second bomb off poor Wilk but heck, hey might have hit them farther against Harvey, who knows?

The Marlins star loves Citi Field like his own backyard with 20 home runs in a building that is not very old.

I had hoped the Mets may have been able to get something good in a trade for Harvey but as damaged as he appears to be now, who knows?

Why is it that the Mets just seem to have far more injuries than other teams and have for years now?

A scratch on the forearm goes from that to an amputation in a heart-beat it seems.

One never trusts a medical diagnosis when it comes to the team from Queens and that seems ridiculous.

I know a couple good docs right here in Torrington that might just do a better job.

Can’t do much worse now can they.

By the way, Wilk just gave up another bomb….    




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