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World Cup, Bev Lowden.....

POSTED June 29, 2014
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

            The seeds were planted during the spring when my son got me to start watching some Barclay’s Premier League soccer games on Saturday mornings. Now, I can’t get enough of the World Cup.

            A big part of the fun like with the Barclay’s League is the atmosphere. Non-stop pumped-up people with their chants and noise level. It makes it fun. And the drama has been top notch.

            Of course having the U.S. still alive helps. Love goalie Tim Howard, wondering when Michael Bradley is going to show up and still looking for Landon Donovan.  There will be withdrawal when this is done much like when the Olympics are suddenly over after a couple of weeks. Go U.S.A.


            Nice gesture by Thomaston High softball co-coaches Gene Torrence and Kelly Finlay to invite former coach Bev Lowden to the banquet honoring the Class S state champions at Fairview Farm Thursday night.

            Lowden spoke and was surprised with a gold medal presented to her at the end of the evening for building the foundation for the program with 37 years of coaching before retiring in 2006.

            It’s nice to know that the Bears haven’t forgotten Lowden’s commitment and dedication which included four BL titles and two Class S title games. Connecting the past to the present builds strong programs.


            Say what you want about John Daly, his road has had its share of pitfalls. But the guy is unfailingly honest and has time for you. Daly was a hit last week at the Travelers and will always be one part talent, one part show, many parts enigma. Like he said when asked why fans still follow him, “I think because they don’t know what I’m going to do next and I’ve always been honest with them.”

            Imagine the spice he’s going to bring to the Senior Tour in two years.


            The Waterbury Republican recently ran nice photos of the All-NVL baseball team, All-Brass Division team, All-Copper Division team, and All-City team.  Here’s my question. Is there anybody in the NVL that is not an All-Star? Let’s see, a third division in the works for next school year, the Republican is going to need a bigger page.


            Call me stunned if A.J. Bunel is not the next Thomaston High boys basketball coach replacing Gary Franklin.  Bunel was the JV coach and works in the system. The former Gilbert School star has an astute knowledge of the game. This is a no-brainer.


            Can I just say that my niece Kelsey is down in Brazil at the World Cup and I’m a little bit jealous. Stop sending pictures Kelsey.


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