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Strange Fall Season Schedules are out for Raiders

TORRINGTON: After what seems like an eternity, it appears the fall sports season might soon get underway, without one of its biggest sports, football.  

It has been a hellish time for coaches, players and parents as the balance between playing the sports they love and keeping everyone safe from Covid-19 has been debated long and hard.  

Torrington High School will launch their abbreviated campaigns at the start of October with six teams going live. 

Boys and girls soccer, boys and girls cross country, girls swimming and girls volleyball will set sail on a journey they hope will not be interrupted by any disruptions that forced the cancellation of the spring seasons due to the pandemic.  

The football situation has no easy answers.  

My feeling is that if we are asking the students to stay safe and not play for now that they are given the opportunity to play in the spring. 

I know there is nothing ideal about the concept of playing then but these students/athletes should not be asked to sacrifice their seasons with no hope of making it up.

March and April time frame, maybe five regional games for the Raiders could work.  

Their hard work over the past year should not go unrewarded.  

No word has come from the folks in Cheshire as of yet about the possibility of that happening, but I hope it does soon.  

Boys Soccer: The Raiders play Holy Cross (2), Naugatuck (2), Watertown (3), Wolcott (2) and St Paul (3) in their 12-game season. Seven of their 12 matches will be at home.  

Opening day is Thursday, October 1 when they host Holy Cross at 5 p.m.  

Girls Soccer: The Raiders face Holy Cross (2), Wolcott (2), Watertown (3), St Paul (3) and Sacred Heart/Kaynor Tech. Seven of their 11 will be played at the Robert H Frost Complex.  

Opening day is Monday, October 1 when they travel to Waterbury to take on Holy Cross at 3:45. Their home opener is set for Wednesday, October 7 when they host Watertown.  

Cross Country: The Raiders will have four meets this year, two at home, two on the road. 

They start the season on Tuesday, October 6 when they run against St Paul before a home meet on Tuesday, October 13 when they host Wolcott.  

A road meet versus Wolcott will take place on Monday, October 19 before the runners wrap up a shortened campaign against Watertown on Tuesday, October 27.  

Girls Volleyball: A 12-match season awaits the Raiders with games against Holy Cross (2), Wolcott (2), Naugatuck (2), Watertown (3) and St Paul (3) on tap.  

Opening day is October 1 at Holy Cross before a home opener versus Wolcott on October 2.  

Nothing about 2020 has been normal, nothing about this fall campaign will be either.  

Let’s hope for the best.

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