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The 2024 Kids Marathon. A lesson in teamwork.

Date: Friday, May 24

Location: Torrington Middle School

By the numbers

-1300 students form our four grammar schools.

-100 teachers and staff volunteers.

-45 mentors from Torrington High School.

On a brilliantly sunny late May morning, the 2024 Torrington Kids Marathon was a celebration of fitness, community, and teamwork.

Wave one featured students from Vogel-Wetmore and Torringford schools. It featured 29 individual outdoor classrooms which served as “homebase” for the participants.

Students were treated to a stimulating morning that featured as live DJ, THS Mentors who made sure they enjoyed themselves, stayed hydrated and safe before, during and after the event.

Each participant took off over a course that surrounded the spacious ground of the Torrington Middle School sports fields.

At the completion of two laps, they returned to their designated starting spots to be celebrated with a custom Kids Marathon medal before heading back to their respective buses for the trip back to school.

At the same time as the 2nd and 3rd graders were readying for their fretum, students from Southwest and Forbes arrived for their portion of KM.

These students would remain on site to eat lunch on the field after completing their journey.

Kids Marathon is about the journey/

A journey that celebrates fitness while promoting healthy eating habits in our youth.

None of this would have been possible without the outstanding efforts of the THS Mentors, led by sophomores Avalee Fritch and Sophia Pergola, who ran the Mentors portion of the program to perfection.

Everything, from making sure students stayed hydrated to assuring each had a designated guide who stayed with them grom start to finish was coordinated through the two stellar leaders and teammates who made themselves, their school and community proud.

Tentative date for the 2025 Kids Marathon: Thursday, May 22.

See you there!

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