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The LCS Super Bowl Special. The Fans speak.

Super Bowl LVIII

Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Francisco 49ers

Who will win?

LCS fans speak.

Tim Gaffney, Owner of Litchfield County Sports:  Long suffering New York Jets fan. A Mahomes fan, but I didn’t like some of his antics when they lost this year (See the obvious offside call he disputed that resulted in a go-ahead TD which was back). Two fun teams to watch. Want 49ers for good friend Frankie Graziano, he of WNPR’s The Wheelhouse. How can you not love the story of the last pick in the draft? Purdy and San Fran by a 27-17 final.

Patrick Tiscia, UConn men’s basketball writer for LCS: Thinking back, it’s wild to think Joe Montana finished his career in Kansas City instead of San Francisco. Even more wild is that Montana and Steve Young both served as each other’s back-up at some point in their careers. Long story short, I miss the NFL from then. Anyway, this pick is solely based on the Chiefs’ second half in the AFC Championship Game at Baltimore. They simply couldn’t move the ball and that half, and this game, will expose what their offense is: a has-been. 49ers 21, Chiefs 17

Rick Wilson, Lead Writer at Litchfield County Sports: Limited rooting interest here. Like both teams, love neither. Like Mahomes, ambivalent about Taylor, love Kelce. Like Brock Purdy and McCaffrey. Bottom line, I’m an NFC fan. San Francisco, 31-27.

Tony Turina, Owner of Tony’s Coffee Express and former Torrington High School boys’ basketball coach: In 1968, I attended college in Kansas and always have had a special place in my heart for the pro and college teams located there. I also love the intensity that Mahomes exhibits on every play. He also reminds me of the many “tough as nails” players I was fortunate to coach at THS back in the 90s and early 2000s. Should be a great game to watch. 

Ali Bronson, Lead Producer for the Locked On Podcast Network: We are arguably watching the greatest quarterback ever in Patrick Mahomes and until he proves otherwise, I’m sticking with him. Brock Purdy is a great story, but the Chiefs’ defense just made Lamar Jackson look ordinary. The 49ers have a strong supporting cast, Christian McCaffrey will play a huge role in keeping the 49ers in this game, but I’m not moving on from the Chiefs just yet, regardless of their regular season Reputation. Chiefs 24, 49ers 21

Paul Denza, THS Hall of Fame and Varsity Alumni Club force:

1.  I am an old (emphasis on old) NFL/NFC guy. I tend to pick the team from the NFC. 

2. I want Brock Purdy to win. I am tired of the experts who say he only manages the game and that the 49ers win because of the other players. He led 2 huge comebacks the last 2 weeks and is 24-6 in NFL games he has started. He is good. 

The pick: 49ers.

Mike McKenna, THS Athletic Director: Taylor Swift. I took the over with her last week at the Grammy’s and cleaned up.

Gary Franklin, Principal at Northwest Region 7: Chiefs 31, 49ers 27. Mahomes.

Jack Reynolds, Owner of Minuteman Press, Exclusive producer of LCS Magazine: San Francisco. Love the Brock Purdy story. Brady-ish. Mr. Irrelevant – 30-27

Chris Saunders, WATR Radio Play by Play broadcaster: Give me the Chiefs well, because Patty (Mahomes) is the best QB in the league and he’s my generation’s Tom Brady. They are the Pats of this era.

Art Benedict, WAPJ Radio host of the X Factor, broadcast voice of THS football and basketball: I have the Kansas City Chiefs winning by 10. Points. The reason? They are the defending SB champs. They have Patrick Mahomes, and the 49ers don’t.

Eric Maher, School teacher, a staple at THS sporting events: Chiefs to win because they have two things the 49ers don’t. Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift. But in all seriousness, how can you bet against arguably the most talented player that ever lived? I know I can’t.

Keith Lamanna, Chef at Fairview Farms Golf Course, the site of the LCS Banquet: I always find myself rooting for the underdog. Brock Purdy drafted last now playing for a possible Super Bowl championship! Go 49ers!

Mario Longobucco, Torrington Varsity Alumni Club President: 49ers, 32-24. Too many offensive weapons that will offset Mahomes scrambling abilities.

Paul O’HeronTorrington Varsity Alumni Club: Who does Mario like? Whichever it is I like the opposite on principle. Then it’s the Chiefs for me.

Peter Montesano, LCS family friend: San Franciso. They have a well-balanced attack with the run and pass along with a solid defense.  

Suzy Bronson, Head Photographer for LCS: I’m going with the 49ers because I like George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey and I think Mahomes is a big baby.

Peter Wallace, Legendary scribe for the Torrington Register Citizen: Kansas City because they looked great for their whole Conference championship and the 49ers didn’t.

Talia Zabbaro, Owner of Cravings Café and Grill: Ahh, to be honest I don’t even follow football. I’m there for the food.

 Nick Zabbaro– Talia’s dad and all-around great golfer. –

49ers run the ball exceptionally well and the Chiefs ranked 24th in rush defense in the league 49ers are exceptional against pass and run! 49ers are healthy going into this game. Kittle is the best TE in the league this year! Brock Purdy is an intelligent young man and has a legitimate NFL arm! He has shown his ability to run with the ball, and he sees the field well which makes him a legit threat! I have 49ers 24 Chiefs 23!

Jeremy Hinman, Owner Legacy Sports and Youth Fitness: 49ers. KC defense versus SF offense will be a battle all game. SF defense will be too much for Mahomes and the KC offense. Bosa will be the story of the game when he takes over and wins MVP.

Rich Boulli, Maletta Pfeifer and Associates: Gotta go with the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes is the real deal along with Kelse and until they lose, I need to stay with them. Not to mention that they are 1.5-point underdogs which will give them extra motivation.

Patrick Hinman, THS Athlete: 49ers win high scoring game, 36-33. I don’t like the Chiefs.

Mikey Ahoua, THS Athlete: 49ers 27-10

Ed Gadomski, Tri-State Baseball Commissioner: Final score – Chiefs 27, 49ers 13.  49ers are allowing 5.6 yards per rush in the playoffs. Isaiah Pacheco runs like he is very angry. Chiefs will control the clock and the game, pulling away in the second half.

Dan Lovallo, The Voice of the Hartford Yard Goats: Kansas City. Mahomes, Kelce, Pacheco and coaches Reid and Spagnolo. They know how to win the big game.

Joe Bassler, fellow New York Mets fan: I’m picking KC. After impressive road wins at Biffalo and Baltimore I figure they are the team. Go KC! 

Paul McLaughlin, Northwest Community Bank: Chiefs 28-24. Best coach, best quarterback, best tight end. Patriots winning formula.

Gary Mercier, Extraordinary Accountant: I’m going with the Chiefs because of Jason Kelce. Jason, obviously, is not a Chief, but is the kind of person I think every guy could hang out with and have fun with. So, for those lucky to be tipping back a few with him I say why spoil the party. Chiefs, 26-21

Keri Hoehne, Local Constable: Chiefs because Taylor’s boyfriend is playing, and it will piss of the Republicans if they win.

Jordan Harvey, Kids Marathon Mentor: I would take the Chiefs. The 49ers are such a good team and player for player they have the better roster. In my eyes I see it as either betting against either CMC or Mahomes. I just couldn’t go against Mahomes. If the games close, who has the better QB? Purdy is great and I don’t agree with all the ‘game manager’ talk around him but I do believe Mahomes is a game-changer and that the Chiefs defense is way better than people think.

Gaitan Rodriguez, THS football head coach: Chiefs! They play lights out defense, dynamic offense and Taylor Swift! In all seriousness, I think the Chiefs defense will be too much to handle. I don’t think the 49ers offense will be able to match the Chiefs offense. Mahomes and Kelce, a tough duo to stop. I expect an entertaining game. Also, I love it when the Chiefs run a little single wing on the goal line. That’s my take. Enjoy the game.

Joe Petruzzi, Long suffering Jets fan: Chiefs. The defense will stifle Brock Purdy.

Greg Brisco, CEO Torrington YMCA: Chiefs. Give Andy Reid two weeks to plan and you’re in for some surprises. Watch the laterals from receivers! And it’s hard to bet against Patrick Mahomes. He has an amazing way of getting out of trouble and making the play. Their defense seems like it’s getting better and better.

Michelle Cook, CT State Representative and Missouri native: Chiefs all the way! As a Missouri girl, I’ve always been a Chiefs fan. And it’s exciting to watch back-to-back Super Bowl appearances!

Rick DuBois, THS Football: I think it’s going to be a great game and come right down to the end. A while back I wouldn’t have picked the Chiefs, but I think right now they are just clicking right now. I think the Chiefs find a way to win in a close one.

Rich Elliott, THS security and excellent PA guy (Pretty good writer as well): Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes has produced in this spot before. He’ll do it against the 49ers.

John Holt, CIAC Media guru: San Fransico 28, KC 24. I think San Fransico has just a few more elite offensive weapons than KC. I’m concerned about Mahomes of course but I think Shanahan will find something to slow him down just enough having had two weeks to prepare for him. Most importantly because 49ers Superfan and Torrington’s own Graziano deserves to see his team win a Super Bowl.

Jaque Willaims, WAPJ Feel Good Show legend: I got Tay-Tay winning (Taylor Swift) because that’s what Roger (Goodell) wants! I want the 49ers to win but…. Something tells me the refs will play a part in this game.

Cheryl Arroyo, Family Friend, tremendous caregiver: 49ers. They are in the NFC. Even though I don’t like them.

Douglas Harrel Cable 5 Guru. WZBG radio: I’m picking the Chiefs because I don’t trust 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, or GM John Lynch for that matter. The narrative this postseason has been that the Shanahan 49ers have finally, finally, finally overcome adversity. Twice they fell way behind in the playoffs, but they stayed with it, rallied, and won. Both comebacks built character and finally got the 49ers past their collapsing issues.  But I think it’s the opposite. San Francisco is loaded with so much talent and had every possible advantage in getting to the Super Bowl. And yet they’ve played incredibly poorly in their two playoff games. We’ve seen it before where a team wins a championship despite being basically eliminated several times, and that could happen again Sunday with the 49ers. But San Francisco hasn’t looked resilient. They’ve looked unprepared and, against the Lions, lucky.

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