THS building project continues steady march to completion.

TORRINGTON: I think my friend Wayne Splettstoeszer was happy with what he saw.

The Grammy nominated leader of the Torrington High School music department was on a tour of the new Torrington High School/Middle School project on Saturday morning with an eye on two spots.

One, the new music room. Two, the stage in the auditorium.

If you know of the THS music department, you know it is a top-notch, first-class part of the high school and has been for decades now, under the direction of coach Wayne.

I call him coach because he runs the biggest team at THS, over 100 students at times. All learning and flourishing under their leader.

So, when the new school was said to have more space for this talented group, seeing it up close was a priority for coach Wayne.

I think this was my fifth tour of the sprawling complex, the first one was in December of 22 when Mario Longobucco, he the co-chair of the building committee, walked through the mud and onto the site.

At that point, there were a few retaining walls and pipes sticking out of the ground and a lot of imagination.

Fast forward to today and three massive structures have appeared in the shape of a U.

The main high school, the auditorium, and the middle school.

Each time I take a tour, it’s like I’ve never been there before with how much work had been completed since my last visit.

Our guide today was the Project Manager, Zach Mordenti who knows this site inside and out and can relate it very well to those in attendance.

We started on the main floor of the high school, past the main office area and down the walkways toward the Auditorium before heading up through the remaining floors, up to where the Board of Education will be located.

Smart classrooms, smart teachers’ lounge, smart bathrooms and a beautiful view out some of the floor to ceiling windows looking over the gorgeous views of the Northwest Corne.

We made our way back down and got a look at the theater from the new production room which is massive compared to the one the folks have now.

The theater is still in the process of being built from the top down, a fascinating way they get it done.

We took a walk towards and past the cafeteria which will be state of the art with huge floor to ceiling views for the students while they eat lunch.

Since we were last in the school, around six weeks ago, the middle school gym’s walls are complete. Throw some flooring down and it looks like we could play some five on five.

Huge difference since I was in there last.

From the gym, we finally got our first look at the music room and Mr. S was in his zone.

It seemed like he was mapping out every square inch of the place. It’s big, much bigger than they have now.

A good amount of storage for any number of disciplines.

We then, for the first time, got to step on stage in the theater.

It is also as big as advertised. Thinking 130 to 150 band/chorus students with their instruments up there.

Everyone on the tour has a vested interest in this project, from BOE members to teachers to sports guys.

I think Coach S was happy.

The high school is scheduled to move in teachers next January (2025) during the period of mid-terms with students expected when the next semester begins.

50 weeks from the time the first steel went up until now, this project continues to amaze.

I think coach Wayne was happy.

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